DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Systems | Diesel Soot Filtration
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DeAngelo Marine Exhaust has engineered exhaust systems for some of the finest builders in the world. Design requirements are as various as the vessel’s they are for, and the engineering team at DeAngelo is ready to meet and exceed them.

All of our aircraft quality welds are performed by hand by our skilled fabricators and are conducted using (TIG). We take pride in maintaining the perfect weld environment to achieve the best results.

When yacht captains, owners and boat yards need parts and accessories for their exhaust systems, they come to DeAngelo.

We have a full service mobile repair fleet that can make on the spot, dockside repairs or do complete removal and re-installation.

Servicing marine exhaust needs anywhere around the world. Call us toll free.



The Patent Pending SeaClean system is the only one on the market with variable pre-heater technology. SeaClean’s modular design can be used to upgrade your existing system so that it works, as it should.

Unlike other particulate filters, which depend on high generator loads to create exhaust temperatures high enough to initiate regeneration, the SeaClean Diesel Particulate Filter System uses excess generator capacity to electrically heat exhaust gas before it enters the filter housing.

Exhaust is delivered to the filter at the correct temperature to initiate regeneration and thereby eliminate soot and the hydrocarbons associated with diesel smells and oil slicks.

System is modular by design. We build the control panels to fit the size and location you desire. Most installations fit within the envelope of the generator sound shield with the water lift separator fitting into the space between the shield and the hull. We configure the components to fit the yacht.


DeAngelo Marine Exhaust was founded in 1977. Today, we occupy two buildings in order to fill the increasing demand for state of the art marine exhaust systems and diesel particulate filter systems (DPF). The facilities consist of 30,000 square feet housing all of administration, engineering, manufacturing, service and sales. We also offer parts and accessories over the counter to provide customers with ease of obtaining items immediately.

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